The official guide!

Get ready to feel amazing!

This ebook on my No.1 green drink gives you all of the important information on how each carefully selected ingredient in this super healthy drink will benefit your body + make you feel energized, alert + ready to take on anything! The recipe is also included!    

Snacks to sustain!

Super nourishing ingredients make up each of these yummy snacks! If you find yourself giving in to the less than healthy, packaged, processed snacks, these bite-sized treats will crush any craving as if it never existed!

This ebook contains my top 5 energy bite recipes and a guide on how each of the superfoods contained within these snacks fuel your body to create energy!    

Smoothie success!

Smoothies….simplified! I have pared down my favorite, healthiest smoothies that tastes so amazing you won’t believe they are seriously good for you! Want glowy skin, more energy, happier moods, healthier microbiome…these drinks check all of those boxes and more!


Meal Planner

When setting goals to achieve greater health, a food journal is necessary to record a week’s worth of your everyday eating habits, and always where I begin with new clients. And, going forward, it helps to have a meal planner to guide clients in setting themselves up for success by planning what they will eat in the coming week! This downloadable planner sheet is the perfect tool that you can use right now to incorporate into your daily routine! I prefer to print it on white cardstock!