After four days of almost constant recipe testing, I finally discovered a new energy bite I was excited about!  The perfect mix of ingredients has to satisfy a sweets craving and no be too sweet! It has to give you energy with just a few bites, not give you brain fog and make you feel like you are dragging around a ten pound bag of rocks! 

Batch after batch and plenty of ingredient switches finally yielded what I feel is the perfectly pink power bite!  Freeze-dried raspberries are one of my favorite ingredients for their color, flavor + crispness. Sprouted almonds totally elevate the nutrient profile, but can be a bit tricky to get your hands on!  Whatever almonds you choose, toasting them gives a depth of flavor I feel is unrivaled with any other nut. It’s kind of like an uniami effect…absolute addictive deliciousness! Dates allow sweetness that is balanced with tons of fiber + a super high magnesium content. A huge win!  Sugar, whether natural or not, will quickly and easily steal your energy with even the smallest amount! Dates not only help hold all of the other ingredients together, but also allow the sweet flavor to be enhanced without sending your blood sugar crashing!  For this reason, dates are almost always my go-to sweet ingredient.  

A quick note on sprouted almonds… sprouted almonds cannot be pasteurized to sprout. California, which is where most of our almonds come from in the U.S.,  pasteurizes all of the almonds grown in their state.  So, if you find almonds that are of U.S. origin and say they are sprouted, most likely they are not unless it’s from your friend’s kitchen. has imported almonds that are truly sprouted and are my first choice to use in recipes or to snack on. But, for ease you can use organic or non-organic.  Just make sure to buy raw almonds and toast them yourself since many store bought toasted or roasted nuts are cooked in a totally different type of likely not so healthy oil…fyi!

Very soon the recipe will be available in my new ebook, Everyday Energy Bites!  xxo!!