Every weekday morning seems to feel like a race, regardless of how prepared I might be the night before.  But, breaking the thirteen or so hour fast with a delicious warm treat that is surprisingly full of nutrients makes the day go smoother.    Period.   Beware though……little yummy bakery treats can be huge high-calorie, anti-nutrient traps unless you make them yourself.  It may seem like too much trouble or just not worth the effort, but believe me……these nutrient powerhouses only take minutes to prepare, will last a few days in the fridge and give your mind and body just what it needs to power through those early morning hours.  I keep a container of these in the refrigerator so on those mornings where everything seems hectic and my boys just won’t wake up,  I know I have these to sustain them until lunch if they don’t have time for a much preferred unrushed breakfast.  These guys are ready to grab, pop into the toaster oven for a minute or two and done!  Yum.  

These are made with sprouted spelt flour, so there are all of these beneficial enzymes that are not present in unsprouted flours.  This recipe from Amy Chaplin calls for sprouted spelt flour but I most always substitute sprouted spelt flour for regular flour.  Little changes like this make a huge difference and can completely change something from unhealthy to healthy.  For these muffins, I used homemade almond milk since it is what I had on hand,  but you can use any milk you prefer.  Chia seeds, freshly squeezed orange juice, blackberries and grade b maple syrup are in there too.  And, melted coconut oil……..no more canola oils, safflower oils etc.  Throw these out of your kitchen!   See my earlier post on oils for more info on why not to use all of those other oils out there.   Every ingredient is there for a reason.  What’s more, you feel it.  Just like you feel bad food when you eat it, you also feel good food when you consume it.  Take notice.  It won’t be as obvious as when you have eaten a nutritionally poor meal;  it is more subtle, but it is there and if you quiet your mind and tune in to your body, you will begin to notice how good you can feel after you eat.   xxo!

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