Ditch those processed energy bars and spend twenty minutes in your kitchen whipping up these über-healthy morsels.  I was so humbled recently when www.romneypilates.com asked me to do a guest post on their gorgeous new blog www.abeautifulmovement.com.  I had been experimenting with creating a healthy snack that was cute enough to take to a holiday party, but also perfect to toss into my bag for those times when I need a little extra nourishment, like right after an intense workout.  So, when the opportunity arose to write for www.abeautifulmovement.com, these came to mind almost immediately.    
Energy bars do have their place, they fill a need.  But, we don’t have to burden our bodies with crazy ingredients in order to recharge and replenish depleted energy stores.  I am sure there are some minimal ingredient, somewhat healthy packaged snacks and bars available, I just haven’t taken the time to find “the one”.   That would take a lot of time….a trip into any grocery store will prove just that with a significant amount of shelf space dedicated to numerous brands and types of “bars”.  Granola bars, energy bars, protein bars……whatever your need, there is a bar to fill that need.  But, they are basically an expensive candy bar in disguise.  And, they are processed…..our bodies don’t need that!  We want to “crowd out” the processed stuff with pure, whole foods so our systems don’t have to deal with trying to decipher foreign chemical compounds.  They can go straight to utilizing macronutrients, phytochemicals, antioxidants and other nourishing ingredients that they know how to break down.  It is the most efficient way to feel good.  Eating clean foods, meaning unprocessed and pure, is perfect positive reinforcement, because your body rewards you almost immediately with a renewed energy and alertness. 
 These homemade snacks have only a few ingredients and take maybe twenty minutes to prepare from beginning to end, with each of the ingredients having a purpose to energize, balance and nourish your body.  Here’s what’s in them……ground flaxseeds, chia, freshly ground almond butter, oats, ground coconut, honey and mini dark chocolate chips.  Seeds and nuts are an important food source, providing specific nutrients our bodies need.  Flaxseeds have a really high omega-3 fatty acid content, phytoestrogens, ligans and other super health supportive substances.  Chia seeds add in fiber and fuel for energy.  Almond butter is a great source of protein which will help provide a steady source of energy, while also delivering significant amounts of calcium……a much better way to get your calcium than from dairy!  Magnesium to benefit the health of your bones and copper to nourish your nervous system.  Oats for their insoluble fiber, coconut for it’s medium-chain fatty acids, honey and dark chocolate for even more antioxidants, phytochemicals and sweetness.   These are purpose-driven treats……..to help you feel happy and healthy.  xxo!

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