Here’s a little peek into my winter morning routine.  Rarely do I stray away from just fruit for breakfast, but with the chilly weather and feeling not at the top of my game, I kept craving a warming cereal………I knew it wasn’t oatmeal I needed but I wasn’t sure exactly what kind of hot cereal would satisfy my craving… off to go see Thaddeus at Whole Foods Market….. If I can’t figure this out, I know he will help me.  Usually, cereals of any kind make me feel like I am dragging a sack of rocks around so I was a bit hesitant to listen to my body in order to quell my craving, but I had to.  It never leads me astray.  
Once there, I was astounded at number of warm cereals there are.  Thankfully, almost immediately, one particular Bob’s Red Mill bag caught my eye.  It was a brown rice farina hot cereal.  And, gluten free so maybe it wouldn’t kill my energy.  Once home, I cooked it a little longer than the package directions and added in quite a bit of brazil nut milk…..oops! forgot to put that in the pic!!!   So, I grated a bit of ginger and tumeric, added in the berries, honey and toasted slivered almonds.   Amazing, but I think the tumeric would be better reserved for my ginger, tumeric, citrus drink.   Second try with the tumeric taken out was heaven.   Absolute heaven.  And, I never felt tired…not immediately after, not thirty minutes after, not even an hour after.  In fact, it gave me energy.   I felt so good after this little bowl of goodness I couldn’t wait for tomorrow morning!  Give it a try, it will make you so happy!  xxo!

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  1. Oh my goodness, I am so honored to receive such a kind compliment!

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