This…..I have made two batches of this soup this week……some to share and some to savor.  Yes, two batches!  Bowl after steaming bowl would leave me feeling invigorated, refreshed and recharged.  Each day it lasted, I couldn’t wait until lunch or dinner to have it again.  And, then it was gone.  What was I going to eat now?  I wanted more of this soup.  I wanted to taste the wonderful flavors but I also wanted to feel the contentment of a satisfied stomach and mind, the mental clarity and focus a nourished meal provides and the love of a homecooked meal that gathers so many gifts from the earth to energize my body.   Yes, I wanted this soup on so many levels.  I wanted to share it, but it was gone.  So……..
I made it again.  Just like that.  I roasted the acorn squash while the bone broth defrosted and the onions sweat.  I used corn I had cut off the cob this summer and stashed away in the freezer,  I chopped tomatoes and added some crushed tomatoes from a jar and because I just couldn’t wait for chickpeas to soak and then cook, I used those from a can.  A BPA-free can, I might add.  On a side note,  always look for BPA-free cans when you purchase veggies in a can.  The fewer chemicals in our bodies the better.   I threw in some shrimp because I had it on hand, and the guys in my house like some meat in almost every meal.  Shredded chicken would work just as well and if you leave out the meat or seafood, this makes a perfect detox soup.  When everything had simmered for a while, I threw in some swiss chard for color and extra nutrients.  Yum!  This was too good not to share.  I had just as much fun packing it up for a surprise delivery as I did making it.  I hope you try it……see the recipe in the recipes section.  xxo!

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