So far, the healthiest smoothie I have ever had or made!!  Not only does it have a healthy dose of leafy green veggies, but also an abundance of health promoting polysaccharides found in the aloe, tumeric and cayenne.  Don’t be discouraged by the long list of ingredients.  This smoothie came about super fast one morning, knowing I wanted the beneficial compounds tumeric, cayenne and aloe provide.  If you don’t have everything on hand, substitute for healthy items you do have.  Toss everything into a blender with the liquid and lightest items in first and blend away.  Be sure and take notice how amazing you feel after!

1/2 C   George’s Aloe water.  This one is flavorless and colorless.
1    C   Coconut milk (substitute nut milk or cow’s milk if you prefer)
1    C   water
1          frozen banana
1          stalk celery
3/4       cucumber, peeled
1/2       apple, cored and roughly chopped
2          leaves kale
1          handful of frozen strawberries
1          handful of frozen mango
2    C   spinach
1/2 tsp  tumeric
1/8 tsp  cayenne