This is how I start my day.  Pure, simple + clean.  More than anything else I could have for breakfast, a combination of fresh fruit fuels me perfectly whether it is for a super tough spin class, a run in the park or shooting for my blog.  It is pure energy that is available to the body almost immediately.  And, it doesn’t interfere with your level of activity since it isn’t sitting in your stomach taking too long to digest as anything dairy, meat or processed would.  I love that.  You feel it.  There is an alertness, a lightness, a strength that you feel when you fuel your body with food fresh from nature that you don’t feel from anything else.  

My only other alternative would be a green drink made with a combination of veggies and fruit.  But, what I love about this are the varied colors, textures and flavors.  It makes me happy on another level other than feeling good from the inside.  If I am running a little behind schedule, it is so easy to take along.  So, if you are feeling a little sluggish in the morning,  having a hard time making yourself embrace breakfast, or trying to drop a couple of stubborn pounds, try this.  You will feel it and that feeling will strengthen future efforts to eat clean, pure and simple, which will bring you even closer to a healthier, happier you!  xxo!

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