This is my absolute favorite, most perfectly perfect lunch I can imagine.  I have it almost every day because it makes me feel better than anything else.  The salad is sometimes left over from dinner the previous night, but if it isn’t, I just toss together any greens and veggies I have on hand.   Then, I’ll add something creamy, crunchy and savory.  Avocado, toasted nuts or seeds and whatever interesting cheese I can find……done.  This is one thing I don’t overthink…….thank goodness, since I tend to overthink most things.   This little lunch salad is always a surprise and never boring because it is never the same!  Important point concerning food……keep things interesting.  It will lessen the desire to overeat considerably.  You want to hit all of those receptors that affect satiety and this lunch does it.
Pair a fun salad with a slice of toasted sprouted bread, avocado, slices of an heirloom tomato and a little coarse salt….it’s a match made in culinary heaven, for me at least!  If you are someone who needs more protein, add it.  Add whatever fuels you.   And, an herbal tea is just enough to accompany this meal…’ll be getting your energy from nutrients.  Much smarter than trying to find energy from a sugary or fake-sugary caffeinated drink.  The idea is to have something for lunch that will satisfy your senses and your stomach.  We want to refuel and also feel a fresh store of energy being released, heightened alertness and sharpened focus.  This is what lunch is supposed to do.  It shouldn’t drag you down or make you sleepy.  Lunch, in short, should perk you up….leave you happy, centered and ready for anything the afternoon has in store.  Miss lunch or feed your body something not so nourishing and you will feel it.  The smallest stressful event will feel overwhelming.  I know, that was me yesterday.  And, knowing what today held……..this is how I chose to empower myself.  xxo!