So, this isn’t the lowest calorie treat…..but, it is real.   And, really, really yummy.Making every effort to feed my family real, whole food is always at the forefront of my mind when I am considering what to prepare for a meal or snack.  Now that it is getting a little steamier in New Orleans, my boys are begging for ice cream.  It makes me cringe to purchase a container of ice cream and notice all of the ingredients that make up a seemingly innocent treat and then offer it to my children.   I really don’t want to buy an ice cream maker.  And, I’m not into gadgets….the fewer the better of any kitchen appliances or tools.
Just as I was feeling a little lost and wanting to feed their little ice cream desires but in a healthy and simple way,  I awoke very early one morning and had some time to myself.  I made a latte and grabbed my favorite magazine, Bon Appetit.   I love moments like these!  All of a sudden I happened upon a beautiful shot of homemade semifreddo and my eyes were immediately drawn to the words “no machine required”.  I felt like the author was speaking directly to me!  Later that day, I set about gathering the ingredients to see if I could recreate what I saw in the magazine.  It was a huge success.  Not only was it perfectly delicious, but it was made from pure, simple ingredients.  And, since it isn’t made with lowfat or fake anything, it only takes a small serving to satisfy even the most serious sweet tooth.  Your mind and body knows when something is missing and will likely continue craving just that, whether it is texture, fat or sweetness until satisfied.   So, take the time to feed your body fresh, whole foods….you will feel calm, peaceful, satisfied and able to get on with your day without grumblings in your stomach getting in the way.  xxo!

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