How fun to make these poffertjes inspired pancakes and then see how many can be stacked on top of one another before they all come crashing down!  And, not only are they cute, they are super nutrient-dense and crazy yum.  My boys’ favorite breakfast ever is from The Netherlands, called Poffertjes, which are these darling puffy little pancake-like pillows dusted with powdered sugar.  I’m sure there isn’t anything health-promoting in them though…..just like the standard American pancake!  I try to make sure whatever goes into my kiddo’s mouths will benefit their bodies in some way.  So, to keep the fun in breakfast and tie-in those feel good feelings my boys associate with their trips to The Netherlands I took my favorite buckwheat pancake recipe and made a few changes since my youngest insisted he didn’t like pancakes anymore.  He said poffertjes don’t taste like banana.  True!  Impressed he picked up on that.  I have been adding a mashed banana and honey to the mix for sweetness.  My little buckwheat pancakes have been an easy way to squeeze in tons of good things into my kids diet without a fuss, so it was really important to me to figure out how to get the youngest back into loving these pancakes.   I took the mashed banana out, added in really high quality mini chocolate chips and coconut syrup which isn’t syrupy at all or coconutty, but packed with tons of health boosting compounds.  So with the hint of banana out, the honey flavor mellowed and the overall sweetness amped up a touch with some melted chocolate throughout, these were a huge success while still retaining the nourishing qualities that are so important to me!  I haven’t figured out the measurements, but as soon as I do, I’ll post the recipe in the recipes section for all to enjoy!  xxo!

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